By Frank Alberta

Total Shoulder Replacement: Pain Relief, Restore motion.

Shoulder replacement surgery can ease chronic pain.

When it comes to total shoulder replacement, the average person is seeking the treatment to benefit from better range of motion and relief from chronic pain.

After years of pain and a lengthy list of exhausted options, you might be ready for a long-term solution to your orthopedic pain. Its time to consider surgery when everyday activities —simple things like reaching into the cupboard for a glass or drying off after a shower, combing your hair, reaching for a lamp or putting on a sweater— keep you up at night.

Many people are familiar with hip or knee replacement to treat chronic pain caused by advanced arthritis. In the last 25 years, shoulder replacements have become a good option to help patients with chronic shoulder pain, restore mobility and stop pain.

Come in for an evaluation to see if you’re a candidate for an artificial joint made of smooth metal and plastic parts that mimic the original shoulder joint, providing an improved quality of life.

Patients who are good candidates for shoulder replacement may have severe shoulder arthritis and cannot achieve pain relief from conservative treatments, or who have had a severe fracture. I n the procedure, the surgeon replaces the damaged or arthritic joint surfaces with a highly-polished metal ball attached to a stem, and a plastic socket. In cases where the patient’s own ball is severely fractured and the socket is normal, the surgeon may replace only the ball.

Surgery isn’t anyone’s first choice. We all want to avoid surgical procedures when possible. However, there can reach a point where the shoulder joint wears out and daily pain medication just doesn’t get you through your day. And when short-term fixes don’t get the job done, it’s time to consider a different approach.

You can be rest assured you’ll get the training and post-surgery physical therapy you need to make a smooth transition from constant, severe pain to improved range of motion and comfort. You’ll receive a helpful, customized list of low-impact exercises to maximize your recovery.

Live Pain Free

Dr. Alberta

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