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Surgical Outcome System (SOS): Our Clinical Research Database

Are you planning to schedule your surgery or is your surgery already scheduled? If so, you may be asked to participate in a research program called Surgical Outcomes System, or SOS. The SOS is an online tool that enables us to easily combine surgical information with data describing how you are doing.  And we collect that data from the best possible source – YOU. Patients are notified via e-mail at specific time milestones after surgery and are provided with a link to an online survey. This information is stored in a database that lets us track your results online and compare them against other patients and surgeons. We can get as specific as comparing surgical procedures and devices.  SOS is designed to track your progress for two years after surgery.

But the ultimate goal of collecting this clinical data is to improve the care we can provide to you.  By comparing how we do things and how well you do, we can learn from you and make adjustments to our treatments.  We can also use the data to give you realistic predictions on what you can expect after your treatment and real numbers to help you make your decisions.

Whether you are having shoulder, elbow, hip or knee surgery you will be able to participate. Once you pick a date for surgery we will contact you a week before to walk you through the sign up. If you pick a date while in the office, we can sign you up then.  Once you are signed up, you will begin receiving the emails with the links to the surveys. You can also fill out the surveys on a tablet in the office if you have limited access to email.

After you complete each questionnaire it will automatically be submitted to the SOS database. Each email questionnaire is sent out at a specific point in your treatment and corresponds to an important milestone in you recovery.  Therefore, the sooner you submit the questionnaire upon receipt of an email, the more accurate our data. All of the questionnaires can be filled out on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone for your convenience.

Participation in SOS is completely voluntary.  Remember, If you choose to participate, there will be no extra charge to you or your insurance company, there are no changes to your post-op management, you can elect to drop out at any time, and your privacy and data are protected at all times.  NO ONE else can see your data – certainly not your insurance company or your employer.

So if you have your surgery scheduled, please help us at North Jersey Orthopaedic Clinic continue our mission of providing our patients with the utmost quality of care by participating in SOS. If you have any questions about SOS please feel free to contact Amanda Chevestick, our physician assistant and research coordinator for OrthoIllustrated SOS at

Thank you again for taking the time to help us at North Jersey Orthopaedic Clinic, your time in participating in SOS is greatly appreciated!

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