By Frank Alberta

Spring: Great Time to Launch an Exercise Program

Spring is here. It’s a great time to shake off winter and enjoy the warm weather by starting an exercise program.

Is the goal to shed a few pounds? Complete a 5k or 10k run? Or do you simply want to feel better and develop a healthier lifestyle?

The first step should be a check-up, especially if you had a problem joint, hip, shoulder, knee or back last spring and summer, or if you continue to have pain or soreness.

With people living longer and having more active lifestyles, the need to maintain orthopaedic health and prevent orthopaedic disease is paramount. Quite simply, body parts wear out and we can help

Please contact us at the North Jersey Orthopaedic Clinic to schedule a checkup, especially if you have pain or discomfort, need an evaluation or wish to discuss your treatment options. We are committed to making our patients’ joints feel younger and, hopefully, avoid surgery.

Regular exercise and diet are central to healthy living. If you’ve been inactive during the winter, ease into your spring exercise routine. Pick an activity you enjoy. It’s more likely you’ll stick with it.

So let’s get out and get active, whether it be walking, biking, dancing, swimming, or yoga. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Setting a goal like running in the local 5k or finishing that sprint triathlon you’ve heard about is a great way to stay motivated. Remember that the more challenging the program, the greater chance for injury. So take it slow and build up to your goals.

It’s wise to broaden our view of just what it means to stay healthy. That means paying attention on a routine basis to the health of our musculoskeletal system, including the bones, joints, and muscles.

Stay young!

Dr. Alberta

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