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Peanut butter….power food filled with a lot of NUTrition

Whether you’re looking for something to eat for breakfast, a quick snack before a workout or something to hold you over until dinner, you may want reach for that jar of peanut butter. Peanut butter has many health benefits that will not only keep you full longer but will keep you energized and feeling at your best. It is great as a snack or as an additive to a meal. A serving size of peanut butter is about 2 tablespoons and contains about 180-200 calories, 7 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, 200 mg of potassium, 3 mg of antioxidant vitamin E and 49 mg of magnesium. Since peanut butter consists of protein and healthy fats you will feel full longer and will be less likely to get hungry and snack more. Studies have shown that people who eat nuts or peanut butter on a regular basis are less likely to develop heart disease or diabetes. Another great aspect of peanut butter is that it is an easy and inexpensive snack. Without having to put a big dent in your wallet you can get a jar of peanut butter at any grocery store at a reasonable price and keep it in your kitchen cabinet, gym bag or at your desk at work.

So what are some good ways to enjoy all the health benefits of peanut butter? Some may just enjoy a serving size spoonful of peanut butter but others may enjoy it better if it’s combined with something.

Here are some great peanut butter meal/snack ideas:
-The go-to peanut butter and jelly sandwich
-Combine with fruits or vegetables (banana, apple, celery)
-Spread on crackers, pretzels, whole wheat toast or English muffinf
-Mix in protein shake or smoothie
-Add to waffles or oatmeal


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