By Frank Alberta

Non-athletes and Everyday People Hurt the Same

I have many patients who are soccer moms, grandparents and construction workers. They have shoulder and knee problems that didn’t start with a single event that they can remember. They don’t have a recent “injury” that prompted their visit.

On the other hand, I see many athletes. They’re generally healthy and range in age from teenagers to middle age men and women. Often times they hurt themselves pursuing challenging athletic activity.

You might be surprised to know both groups often need treatment for the same body parts and conditions. Whatever the biomechanical factors involved, in plain English, tendons, cartilage and joints wear out.

One of the most typical problem spots is the shoulder, particularly the rotator cuff. This “cuff” is composed of 4 tendons located underneath the point of the shoulder. The rotator cuff is responsible for positioning the arm in space and getting it ready to do the heavy lifting. The other, big muscles of the arm, like the deltoids and the pectoralis, can then take over.

Most of the time, these injuries can be treated with rest, ice, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicines. Severe cases may require surgery to fix the damage and alleviate pain.

Another common injury we see at the North Jersey Orthopaedic Clinic is arthritis of the knee. When the knees are injured or damaged by arthritis, simple tasks become increasingly difficult. But the best time to treat arthritis is early on in the process before the damage becomes too severe. In the beginning stages, there are a number of good treatment options available that are not as effective as the disease progresses.

Schedule an appointment if you have pain and discomfort that doesn’t disappear with medications and makes the everyday activities painful, such as walking. We are committed to making our patients’ knees and shoulders feel younger and, hopefully, avoid surgery.

If surgery is required, many patients have success that helps relieve pain — and a surprising number of patients can resume their normal active lifestyle faster than they expected.

Live Pain Free!

Dr. Alberta

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