By Frank Alberta

Lingering Sports Injuries…

We’ve all heard or said it a thousand times: “I played tennis this weekend and my elbow is giving me trouble again this year” or “My back hurts to the point I can barely walk every time I play 18 holes of golf.”

Lingering sports injuries are not uncommon, both for competitive athletes and weekend warriors. They’re routine because sports injuries typically involve the cumulative effect of years of overuse of certain body parts.

Accidents do happen however. Athletes of all ages can come into hard contact with something or someone. Collisions and falls can lead to a broken bone or torn ligament. So, when something dramatic occurs, athletes should contact us immediately. Don’t delay!

We do everything possible to offer the best treatment options that promote a full recovery and the fastest – but safest -return to your favorite activities, whether it is bike riding, your weekly tennis match or high school and college sports.

Sport injuries are a serious matter and we treat them accordingly because, when proper care is not taken after a sports injury, the damage can be permanent and irreparable.

Live pain free!

Dr. Alberta

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