Pre and Post-operative Information

There are 2 main types of cartilage: articular cartilage which is the shiny, smooth white coating in all joints and meniscal cartilage, which is the rubbery cushion in between a joint.  Articular cartilage is a very slippery substance that allows our joints to move smoothly and cushions and protects the ends of our bones.  Unfortunately, we cannot re-grow this kind of cartilage, so injuries to it are particularly damaging.  Loss of articular cartilage leads to arthritis in that joint.

Meniscus cartilage is a cushion in between a joint.  Most of the time when we mention meniscus, we are talking about the knee.  Meniscus cartilage tears very frequently and can be treated in a variety of ways.

Physical therapy, injections, and sometimes surgery are helpful treatments for this common injury.


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