By Frank Alberta

Youth Sports and Osteoarthritis

We can all agree that exercise is good for kids. More than 30 million kids participating in organized sports in the United States and countless more engaging in other recreational activities. But it’s also true that today’s youth athlete could become tomorrow’s osteoarthritis patients. The trauma associated with some youth sports can dramatically increase the risk that those kids will develop knee, shoulder or ankle osteoarthritis (OA) by the time they reach adulthood. Childhood injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament… [more]

By Frank Alberta

The Foot Bone Is Connected to the…

When knee and hip pain arrive, the shoes might be to blame. Foot problems are often the accomplice that causes knee and hip issues, especially for runners. A study last year, entitled “The Effect of Running Shoes on Lower Extremity Joint Torques,” found modern running shoes were more damaging to a runner’s knees, hips and ankles than running barefoot – or even walking in high heels! Think of your feet as the foundation of a house. If the foundation is… [more]

By Frank Alberta

Get Fit, Get Moving

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article recently headlined, "Doctors New Advice for Joint Pain is Get Moving." The message is that "doctors increasingly are recommending physical therapy to help osteoarthritis patients, overturning the more traditional medical advice for people to take it easy and protect their joints." I have always advocated this philosophy and the experience of our patients shows that they can significantly improve their health and quality of life with weight loss combined with exercises aimed… [more]

By Frank Alberta

Non-athletes and Everyday People Hurt the Same

I have many patients who are soccer moms, grandparents and construction workers. They have shoulder and knee problems that didn’t start with a single event that they can remember. They don’t have a recent “injury” that prompted their visit. On the other hand, I see many athletes. They’re generally healthy and range in age from teenagers to middle age men and women. Often times they hurt themselves pursuing challenging athletic activity. You might be surprised to know both groups often… [more]

By Frank Alberta

Spring: Great Time to Launch an Exercise Program

Spring is here. It’s a great time to shake off winter and enjoy the warm weather by starting an exercise program. Is the goal to shed a few pounds? Complete a 5k or 10k run? Or do you simply want to feel better and develop a healthier lifestyle? The first step should be a check-up, especially if you had a problem joint, hip, shoulder, knee or back last spring and summer, or if you continue to have pain or soreness.… [more]

By Frank Alberta

Tips To Keep Young Pitchers Healthy

Too many young baseball pitchers have shoulder and elbow injuries. The simple truth is these injuries can be prevented: Almost all injuries to the throwing arm are from overuse. This blog post offers suggestions for parents and coaches to keep young pitchers safe and healthy. • Limit young pitchers to less than 100 innings per year. A study published in 2011 in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found pitchers aged 9 to 14 who throw over 100 innings per… [more]

By Frank Alberta

Lingering Sports Injuries…

We’ve all heard or said it a thousand times: “I played tennis this weekend and my elbow is giving me trouble again this year” or “My back hurts to the point I can barely walk every time I play 18 holes of golf.” Lingering sports injuries are not uncommon, both for competitive athletes and weekend warriors. They’re routine because sports injuries typically involve the cumulative effect of years of overuse of certain body parts. Accidents do happen however. Athletes of… [more]


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