By Frank Alberta 02. October 2012

Welcome to our new Physician’s Assistant, Amanda Chevestick!

When you call or come in to the office in the future, you may be fortunate enough to meet Amanda Chevestick, PA-C.  Amanda recently joined the NJOC team and we are thrilled to have her on board.   Amanda is a … Continu

By Frank Alberta 29. August 2012

10 Questions About Shoulder Replacement Surgery

This is the last of three posts about total shoulder replacement. 1. I am allergic to metals, such as jewelry. Is there any risk of people being allergic to the shoulder device parts? It would be most unusual as there … Continued

By Frank Alberta 13. August 2012

Shoulder Replacement = Pain Relief

This is the second of three posts about total shoulder replacement Is the pain in your shoulder stopping you from your daily activities? Does a moment go by without you thinking about it? Shoulder joint replacement may offer the relief &hel

By Frank Alberta 31. July 2012

Total Shoulder Replacement: Pain Relief, Restore motion.

Shoulder replacement surgery can ease chronic pain. When it comes to total shoulder replacement, the average person is seeking the treatment to benefit from better range of motion and relief from chronic pain. After years of pain and a leng

By Frank Alberta 13. July 2012

Youth Sports and Osteoarthritis

We can all agree that exercise is good for kids. More than 30 million kids participating in organized sports in the United States and countless more engaging in other recreational activities. But it’s also true that today’s youth athlet

By Frank Alberta 20. June 2012

The Foot Bone Is Connected to the…

When knee and hip pain arrive, the shoes might be to blame. Foot problems are often the accomplice that causes knee and hip issues, especially for runners. A study last year, entitled “The Effect of Running Shoes on Lower Extremity &helli

By Frank Alberta 11. June 2012

PRP Helps Throwing Athletes with Partial Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tears

Interesting news for the use of Platelet Rich Plasma, a new injectable, non-surgical technique to stimulate healing of chronic soft-tissue injuries of the knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle joints. A new study presented at the American Orthopa

By Frank Alberta 04. June 2012

Automobile Crashes

There’s nothing more tragic than the patient who comes to my office for treatment of injuries suffered in an automobile accident. Orthopaedic surgeons are among the frontline medical specialists who treat the trauma that results from auto

By Frank Alberta 04. June 2012

FDA Panel Supports Painkiller Research

Good news for severe arthritis and chronic back pain suffers. The FDA’s Arthritis Advisory Committee has voted 21-0 to recommend continued development of an experimental class of painkillers for arthritis, despite links to bone decay and

By Frank Alberta 16. May 2012

Burners and Stingers

With training underway for the fall high school football season, now is a good time to remind athletes and their parents of a common injury in contact and collision sports: burners and stingers. The injury is named for the pain … Con


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