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Peanut butter….power food filled with a lot of NUTrition

Whether you’re looking for something to eat for breakfast, a quick snack before a workout or something to hold you over until dinner, you may want reach for that jar of peanut butter. Peanut butter has many health benefits that will not only keep you full longer but will keep you energized and feeling at your best. It is great as a snack or as an additive to a meal. A serving size of peanut butter is about 2 tablespoons… [more]

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How did I get tennis elbow if I never played tennis?

Lateral epicondylitis (also known as tennis elbow) is a condition that most often develops from overuse. And while tennis players are intimately familiar with it, it can result from just about any repetitive motion of the hand, fingers, or wrist. If you use your forearm muscles a lot throughout the day (plumbers, painters, auto-mechanics, carpenters, chefs, house or office cleaners), you are more at risk for developing this very common condition. So what is tennis elbow? For starters, your elbow consists… [more]

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Are those “gel shots for arthritis” right for me?

Has your neighbor been talking to you about the “gel shots” he’s been getting in his knees? Those “gel shots” that you’ve been hearing about are a treatment option for knee osteoarthritis (OA). OA is one of the most common causes of knee pain. It can be a painful and frustrating condition that causes achiness and stiffness in your knees. OA can gradually develop over time with increasing age and long-term overuse of your joints. Other precipitating factors that can contribute… [more]

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What is a frozen shoulder?

"I just woke up with shoulder pain."  "I can barely put a coat on or brush my hair."  "Reaching for something on a top shelf seems impossible."  "My arm just feels sore and stiff." Sound familiar? All of these symptoms are typical complaints of someone with a frozen shoulder (or adhesive capsulitis). It 's a common problem that starts with a lot of pain all of a sudden, followed by a gradual loss of motion. What causes this pain and loss of… [more]

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Why do I need a biceps tenodesis for a labrum tear?

Based on your physical exam and after reviewing your MRI, we've come to conclusion that you have a superior labrum (SLAP) tear in your shoulder. Now what? There are many different ways to go about treating this condition. If you have been dealing with your symptoms for several months and have tried all conservative treatments (rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, cortisone injections) with no relief, then surgery may be your next best option. In order to determine what the most… [more]


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