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Should your clavicle fracture be fixed?

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, missed his 7th consecutive game today with a broken clavicle. Clavicle fractures (aka collarbone)  are the most common broken bone (other than fingers and toes) that we see in sports medicine.   For the longest time, a clavicle fracture was with a sling or maybe even a figure-8 brace, but surgery was rarely recommended.  Recent research has cast some doubt on that treatment, and we are seeing many more clavicles being fixed. But why?  If you broke your collarbone on… [more]

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Surgical Outcome System (SOS): Our Clinical Research Database

Are you planning to schedule your surgery or is your surgery already scheduled? If so, you may be asked to participate in a research program called Surgical Outcomes System, or SOS. The SOS is an online tool that enables us to easily combine surgical information with data describing how you are doing.  And we collect that data from the best possible source - YOU. Patients are notified via e-mail at specific time milestones after surgery and are provided with a link… [more]

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Tenex Health TX…A cure for Chronic Tendon Pain?

Last week we discussed the expanded uses for ultrasound (US) in diagnosing tendon problems as well a way to improve the accuracy and efficacy of injections.  Ultrasound also plays a role in the treatment of these types of injuries.  And that role may be getting a bit bigger. Most patients who have been to physical therapy have had some form of US treatment.  Ultrasound is used to reduce inflammation and "loosen up" tissues through the sound energy it produces.  It… [more]



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Ultrasound…Its not just for pregnant women anymore!

When most people hear sonogram or ultrasound, they think someone's having a baby.  But recent advances in ultrasound technology have led to its expanded use in orthopaedics, especially sports medicine. Ultrasound (US) can be used for both diagnosis and treatment.  Almost all soft tissue problems can be imaged with ultrasound.  Ultrasound exams can be performed quickly in the office and in the right hands, can be nearly as informative as other imaging tests.  Surgeons and radiologists trained in the use… [more]

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ACL Injuries and Re-Injuries

[caption id="attachment_652" align="alignright" width="300"] Graft in place running from 10:00 to 6:00 position.[/caption] We recently tweeted about Lindsey Vonn's re-injury of her surgically reconstructed ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). It's still too early to tell how she will bounce back from this latest injury, but it gets harder and harder every time that joint is injured. Unfortunately, this is an all too common story. And worse yet, it's even more common in high school athletes. Women are 8 to 9 times… [more]


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